The two men, lovers though abashed;
The langky little boy and his six year old crush;
A love and drug high pale faced pair;
And the old couple fighting about some other trivial stuff for the past 50 years..

They’ve got each other.

Wake boarding ( firsts )

Like paddles on my chest, the adrenaline of trips really revive me. After a 10pm to 6am graveyard nurse duty, I  should be asleep instead, I’m wide awake and headed to wake board. Another one for this year of firsts, wake boarding!

Wakeboarding is a surface water sport which involves riding a wakeboard over the surface of a body of water. It was developed from a combination of water skiing, snowboarding and surfing techniques.


My “live more” campaign gets going, thus the “firsts” and now, I wake board. Water being my childhood playground makes this an easy try.

But my good sense knows I can get fractures, lacerations and die even, but you know, one can die sleeping too.


So, geared, I soak my feet to the lake, I bend them straight ahead and grab the rope in front with arms outstretched. I feel the pull, balance the resistance on water and splash!

Haha, that, a couple of times, and then this.






From here, I sleep for 3 separate hours and get another 8 hours of the night’s work. Living.

At my friend’s birthday celebration at Danasan Eco Adventure Park, Danao City, Cebu, Philippines.

Nature Adventure


Top of the morning mountain to you!



Zipline down



Back up on horseback


Reaching the rest house


Going around with my fave wheels, on ATV


coming back for  wake boarding! and so much more..

See you next time @Danasan Eco Park, Danao City, Cebu, Philippines
Danasan Eco Adventure Park

The kid who made the props, now owns the stage

Ohh.. things change, the kid who made the props, now owns the stage.
The thoughts from a gap between the backstage curtains of how the play should be has made it’s way to the script.

How she dreaded the crowd, how she lost and messed up the lines of “Hail Mary”.. and now she’s found her mind and is speaking ever eloquently. She’s never mistaken, she’s the host, whatever she says, goes!

Everybody stands, the people must dance, you sing, and a roll call of people to give messages, the program puppeteer, makes it happen.

Her goal is very simple, make them happy, find their tickle, pat their pride,  touch their hearts and the party will go just right.

Be at the center, let your presence be made, grab their attention but never, never ever forget that this isn’t your day, it’s the celebrants’ and the guests. You’re the line that help them give the message they’ve always wanted to say.

Be it 50th’s or sweet sixteen’s, wakes, farewells, Valentine’s day, and that big new year’s count down party.. I, that backstage props’ kid, could not believe, I’ve hosted, delivered with God’s grace.

Steps to Surprises: Birthday Planning

1*build a guest list
.. mind the dynamics of the list that no one should feel too out of place.

I had around 25 guests in the list.


Send the invites 3 weeks before the day, confirm availability 2 weeks before and have a back-up set of guests coz for sure, not everyone will be able to come. Have an allowance coz some bring plus ones or two even with RSVP. Be flexible and not get too stressed.

2*choose a party location
Suite your party theme, a close, well thermoregulated place would be safe for all weather.

Choose whether you want to prepare the food, or have it catered or book an exclusive spot at a restaurant instead.

Fortunately, I just tried a new cafe very near our place with such good food for fair price, it’s still in soft-opening and the place is small and perfect for my intimate surprise. It’s an artful space called A little piece of Sky which is picture ready aswell. Check here, I booked it exclusively for dinner and onwards.


Be sure to consider and clarify details such as parking space, number of hours, additional fees, facilities available, get a map of directions, down payment, and check the staff. You need to know their capacity to serve you.

3*serve her favorite food
Well as much as you want everyone to enjoy what they’re eating, maybe start with pleasing the celebrant.

Easily, my mom claims “THIS is my favorite” on too many dishes.

4*choose an extravagant themed cake
Go back to the theme and be sure to have a good story behind it or make it obvious!



I told the story after mama blew the candles, it’s a treasure box with a golden heart in it. My mom’s birthday falls on Valentine’s Day (heart), she just turned 50 (golden) and she’s a treasure to us and for me (chest). (The “aweeee”s followed here)

This customized, and taste proof cake is by Jade, at  Siena’s cakes Cebu City, Philippines

√decorate photos or a tarpaulin
√order her favorite flowers
√get balloons if you must
Just beautify however you think he or she will like it


This was edited by a good friend, Yvette. Click and check her compilation.


6*create a music playlist for the party
Favorite songs, or lounge music, party mix or love songs to old songs to whatever fits.

Don’t forget to check the place if these are available or if you’re allowed to bring speakers, microphones, laptops,  projectors, if there’s wi-fi and the works.


I had old songs and new songs plus live singing. Music sets the mood so make sure it’s in tune to the moment.

7*ofcourse, THE PROGRAM
Once you’ve got all 1 to 6 covered, here’s the next course, the program is the ribbon which will connect and wrap all these elements to one memorable party.

It always depends on you, but when things don’t follow accordingly, follow things as it happens and make it look as planned. Be flexible and light-hearted, don’t stress it coz in the end,

you planned this surprise to make the celebrant HAPPY*


So, this is my surprise, and for every person I invited, I had to  keep reminding them that it is a SURPRISE… for better measures, define that a surprise means that the celebrant does not know anything about it. Hahahaha cheers everyone!

This article is lengthy but I hope it’s helpful enough *.*


If I were where I wanted to be…
I’d be home in our island fishing at the pier. I’d be with my grandma-mommy having endless merienda (*snacks) and joking, laughing silly. I’d thank her dying soul for living for so long, a long time of praying and loving our family.

An irony of life, a poor excuse, or perhaps a test of faith.

I’m a new nurse, I don’t get “leaves”. My grandpa left without my care, I was in a strict college where absent days were a great discredit. So I was absent at his dying.

Right, rational and practical, but it hurts to think about it.

Room 552. We went in for the morning rounds and the daughter of the patient said “She missed you”, referring to my patient.

Room 545. We went in for the morning rounds and the whole family greeted us with smiles, the wife pointed at me and the patient said “Here’s our nurse!”. I had to explain that I wasn’t assigned to him today.

Nine patients compared to one ailing grandma with oxygen, suction, nasogastric tubing for food and her change in sensorium … but her nine children are all home now from different places to care for her too.


Lola Ester

Maybe, in God’s great plan of patient/people assignment, he placed me where I should be, where my care becomes more memorable because I try to treat every patient like family, you wouldn’t want anything less for them.

Thank you Lord, for every opportunity to serve you.


A Whole Day: step by step


I start my day with dreams and end with plans at sleep.

A plate of prayer for breakfast and a glass of purpose, wakes me.

Bathed in blessing, suited for service, I stride to the traffic of humanity.

Every soul made up of a different truth of life, the bias of memories and a fortune teller’s take on his future.

I cross destiny and take a step to excellence. Taking the stairs up and enjoying the slips of struggle, sighs and sweat  and the sight of a vast horizon so interesting, exciting, mysterious and faithfully fulfilling.

Following me was Success and he said, “lead on”.


Temporary Beauty of Sand Art

So much of our time is spent on the temporary and sometimes, it is the fragility of things which makes it more beautiful.

Like art on sand waiting for the ocean to claim it.


Petals, babies, bubbles, and life; just some of the most breakable beings and things I wonder upon.


Isn't it Amaaaazing? Isn't it?

See here if you want to wander further on the shore.
{ Beach Art }

Slow down, happiness is trying to catch up

So Close by John Mclaughlin … my playlist sang and my co-workers laughed, “even your music is slow”.

I get teased for talking slow at work. “At work” coz it only happens when talking to anyone in authority, strangers or just people who have great tendencies of flaring up. It’s my “I’m so calm, clear and good, you’d be evil if you lash-out on me”-tactic.

It is respect in a quarter, self preservation, and mostly “I’m gonna talk slow so that you can understand me okey?” or I’m tired…

I also panic, I get caught up with the small details. It’s this tad bit of obsessive-compulsive streak on me so, going slow is a conscious coping mechanism of my nature.

In a pleasant day, I spend nearly an hour bathing. It’s a luxury; following the routine of thorough lather, scrubs and rinsing. But mostly, the singing, dancing and playing around with thought bubbles take main event.

A nostalgic person, I love taking things in in high definition; taking time to experience the good stuff; reading a book, making decisions, living “first times”, my qualities of the introvert spectrum.


Wisdom Waits. One life formation teacher gave us this advice, “Always, think before you act, then think that thought again and think before you act.” That’s over thinking it, but so many people get judged, get hurt, fail, die because it’s all “YOLO“, and “Whatever!” these days. Hear Socrates, “an unreflected life is a life not worth living.”


Fast talk. Sure, exceptions, the Doctor calls a code, fire breaks-out, or a significant earthquake hits, how bout a super typhoon? I do act and talk faster but what do they always shout? “EVERYBODY, STAY CALM” … coz after all, God is in control.

See Sinulog


Faith at it’s most joyous moments can’t be contained, so we have to shut down the city roads and make way for a multitude and myriad of people who are here to dance all day.

It was Sinulog 2014.

A Catholic Feast celebrated in the Queen City of the South, Cebu, Philippines.

Sinulog lasts a week long full of moving presence of people packing the Basilica del Sto. Niño, in honor of The Child Jesus.

A gift from the Spanish to the ancient folks who could not understand each other in words but shared a special love children. The Filipinos accepted the image of Sto. Niño, and like a parent adoring an infant the dance of prayer begun.

Rocking The Child Jesus, to and fro like waves in the ocean, this rhythmic steps originated and was named after the current or “Sug” in the dialect of the place. Sug or the whole act being “Sinulog”, in an expression of adoration to God.

Dance with the Cebuanos, in prayer thanksgiving, praise, and sheer rejoicing.



The official Sinulog site;
For schedule of happenings all over the metro.

It always starts with great prayer and ends with great parties in every corner!

Tips: dress comfortably, wear a smile, white shirts are most fun and go home this clean..

See you next Sinulog!

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